Trinidad Chocolate Moruga Scorpion


The Trinidad Chocolate Moruga Scorpion-
A sweeter and hotter pepper then the Trinidad scorpion moruga in my opinion. The flavor is a hint of 7 Pot Douglah mixed with the fruity flavor of the Moruga scorpion. Pods are extremely large and dense, golf ball size or larger. If you are looking for extreme heat then this is your pepper. Plants are tall 2-4 feet. The Chocolate Moruga scorpion and the Caramel Moruga scorpion are both natural color mutations of the Red Moruga scorpion
Seeds for this variety will be available at Fords fiery foods and plants in the fall and starter plants will be available 2014 season from March-June


4 responses to “Trinidad Chocolate Moruga Scorpion

  1. After enjoying one of these with my friend, we decided that it was indeed a scorcher! The flavor was grounded and mellow, with enough heat to knock most enthusiasts over! Probably best to cook these because they are difficult to digest raw. But if you want to pack a powerful punch of spice into a dish, this is the perfect pepper for you.

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